To keep up with the changing technology in the dairy industry, Prime offers a wide range of barns that keep you on the leading edge. With a wide selection of freestall, cross-ventilated freestalls, milk parlors and other dairy operation building configurations at hand; Prime can design facilities that work well with your dairy operation.

You will enjoy the same quality that goes into any Prime building as well as the experience behind them. Prime has the widest variety of designs: galvanized clear-span designs that provide an unobstructed view, mainframe designs with lean-to’s that allow optimum interior space, and standard pipe and beam freestalls. Prime will match the right design and features to your areas climate and conditions. Prime buildings are built to withstand the abuse and stress that buildings experience in the working dairy environment.



Prime designs quality freestall barns that fit your dairy’s current needs while providing you with a great facility that can grow with your future expansion needs. Prime will match the right design and features to your areas climate and conditions.

Our clear span frame designs with lean-to’s allow for optimum interior space and unobstructed views; and they come galvanized or red-oxide.




Prime’s Cross-Ventilated Dairy Barns are tailor made with cow comfort in mind. When the ‘residents’ of the barn are comfortable, they produce more milk for more years. These barns allow the dairyman to have more control in the internal barn temperature year around.

Cross-Ventilated barns are more sealed than a conventional barn, reducing annoyances like flies and birds. So, for healthier, happier cows who to travel less distance to the parlor, breathe cleaner air and enjoy more comfort, ask us about our cross-ventilated barns. View our Cross-Ventilated Freestall Images.


  • Reduced ammonia
  • Cow comfort
  • More milk (due to cow comfort)
  • Longer milking life (due to cow comfort)
  • Improved air quality
  • Consistent temperatures year round
  • More under one roof
  • Smaller site footprint
  • Fly and bird control
  • Parlor to barn travel reduced


You can’t get this level of specialized milk parlor design from a “generalist” metal building company. Prime knows the unique design requirements of dairy milking centers. That’s because our roots are in dairy farming — we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We also know how to provide steel that can perform in the tough working dairy environment. Prime can design a milking center that fits your needs and preferences. Whether you want a carousel, dual carousels, herring bone or parallel stalls — Prime will expertly craft a milking parlor for your dairy. It’s about time you got the quality your operation deserves. Get a true “state of the art” milking parlor from Prime. View our Milk Parlors Images.