Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Prime’s Commercial and Industrial Buildings are Designed to Fit Your Production Work-Flow, Manufacturing, and Warehouse / Storage Needs.

Prime isn’t just an expert in dairy design. We have significant commercial building experience. Whether you need a manufacturing facility, office, warehouse, aircraft hangar, garage, crane building or any commercial / industrial facility, our design department will give you a plan that is built around your process to ensure maximum productivity. Our design approach is interactive and allows you to be part of the project to ensure you are getting what you need. The earlier we are involved in the process, the more time and money you will save with a metal building from Prime.

Prime’s Commercial and Industrial Buildings are Efficient.
Often businesses discover they need more floor space and capacity, whether it is for manufacturing operations, retail space, storage, offices, or some combination. Our efficient building designs can give you space that is versatile and easy to add on to.
Call us today to discover how Prime’s commercial buildings can give you the space you need for your people and business. Prime can help protect your investment in people, equipment, materials, and inventory. Prime has a solution that will fit your budget and your needs for a high quality, durable building. We understand commercial buildings, and will deliver a building package that will let you hit the ground running. View our Commercial and Industrial Building Gallery.

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