Other Agricultural Facilities

PRIME’s Durable AG-UTILITY Buildings fit your storage and shelter needs exactly.

When your operation needs sheltered storage for commodities or equipment, Prime fills the need with durable, economical buildings that are easily assembled. Prime’s solution is a complete line of well thought-out hay barns, commodity barns, and storage buildings that are made of durable steel, and with dimensions that make stacking, loading and unloading, and access with loaders, delivery trucks, and tractors a breeze. Prime will supply you with a building package and a complete set of engineered drawings and erection plans. We also have the components for weld-up buildings when you require them.
Do you have a special need that requires a custom solution? Prime can quickly customize plans to fit your preferences and needs. Call us today to find out more on how Prime’s AG-UTILITY Buildings protect your investment in feed, hay, and equipment! View our Ag-Utility Gallery.

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