Prime Metal

Manufactured in the Cowboy Capital of the world.


Manufactured in the Cowboy Capital of the World

Design – Engineering – Factory Direct “We’ve got you covered”

Prime Metal Buildings and Design is located in the heart of Texas, right in the middle of the Cowboy Capital of the World.  Since their roots are planted there, PRIME is familiar with the needs of cowboys, cowgirls, and their horses.  Owned and operated by the Brown Family since 1997, Prime is the name on the front of many of the world’s best agricultural buildings.


If you’ve ever been to or seen pictures of the NRS facility just outside of Decatur, Texas you know firsthand what PRIME is capable of producing.  The NRS facility boasts of 60,000 square feet of arena space alone (150’-0” x 400’-0”) under one roof. In addition the facility consists of 56 stalls, wash racks, a pro shop, concessions, meeting and viewing areas all covered by a Prime Metal Building.

PRIME not only manufactures the building frames and components themselves, but the friendly staff will go to work for you the minute your building starts evolving in the design process.  “We’ve seen too many people waste money on outside design services they didn’t need, resulting in expensive planning mistakes,” said Austin Brown.  “Our experienced team helps to assess your needs by understanding your vision, and designing the building of your dreams.”

PRIME creates preliminary drawings to help you visualize your building. They will make changes along the way to ensure you get exactly what you want, at a price that few can beat.  Whether you need a pre-engineered bolt-up structure, or a field fabricated weld-up building, PRIME has got you covered.  Give them a call, or feel free to drop in if you’re ever near the Cowboy Capital of the World.

From expert design through fabrication, Prime does it all for you. View our Equestrian Facilities Gallery.